Gym for
your Back

A muscular back, a supple back, will guarantee you a real sense of well being! Take care of it!
This course guarantees you to relieve and prevent all back pain. Free trial course.


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Back Gym is a gentle approach to gradually relax and strengthen your back to provide more flexibility, a better hold and a lasting and often total reduction of your pain.

It is particularly indicated in the context of chronic back pain, especially related to long seated positions. This course is conducted by Alain, trained at the Zurich back school, he accompanies you in the re-conquest of a strong back and postures centered around exercises adapted to each participant.

Back pain is treated with muscle exercises and stretching of the spine. This gentle gym class is the most effective long-term remedy for relieving back pain and keeping your back in good health.


Course of 60 min
CHF 95.-/month
for one course per week
Friday 12:30

Course of 45 min
CHF 80.-/month
for one course per week
Thursday 19:15

Card for 10 courses
CHF 280.-
(25.- registration fee
when you purchase the first card)

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Alain Gagliardi

Alain, dance teacher and director of the Studio des Bains , trained in back gym techniques with rheumatologist Bruno Baviera (School of the back, Zürich).

Alain has completed his initial dancer training with Géraldine Armstrong, Bruno Agati, Deborah Mills, Wayne Barbaste, Alicia de la Fuente, Lola Keraly and especially Corinne Lanselle. After spending two years with the Deborah Mills Company, he taught dance and devoted himself to choreographic staging for Revue Genevoise (1999), dance parades, galas, dance shows and various competitions.

In 2000 and 2013, he chairs the Lyon international competition for young dancers. Independently, he worked as an animator on Télévision Suisse Romande and on the channel Léman Bleu as presenter of various talk shows. A Host of the show La vie, la mort, la coiffure (Life, Death, Hairstyling) on Be Curious TV.


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